I went to the Ikea last week and I bought this cute and simple milk bottles. I love the shape of this simple bottle, but what is a milk bottle without milk? So I made some milk in the bottles with some leather.

It's realy easy to make this milk bottles, it only took me 5 minutes. The only things you need is some leather(fake), siccors, and double sided tape. Cut some long strips of the leather, wrap the strip around the bottle, put some double sided tape on the leather, push it and your bottle is done.

You can be as creative as you want, just create different widths, colours, and texts on the leather of the bottles.
(even my cat thinks he can find some milk)

milk bottles: IKEA. 
small €0,99
big €2,50

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  1. heel mooi!
    lekker clean ook.

  2. This is truly marbel-ous :D - I love your outfit, very well done! You certainly have talent for designing!


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