If you follow me on Instagram, You might have seen I was busy with designing a new outfit. And today it´s finished. I made a marble skirt with 2 visible white plastic zippers, and a marble sweater. After making the patterns and sewing the outfit together, I made a marble print on the fabric. I am very happy with the result, and this is definitely my most favourite outfit of the moment.
I also created a DIY bag of grey leather to make my outfit complete.
What do you think?

Marble sweater ( made by me) 
Marble skirt ( made by me)
Bag (made by me)
Shoes (Nike Free run 2.0)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. it looks amazing! what a great project, and the result is stunning

  2. Wauw super gaaf dat je alles zelf hebt gemaakt. Het ziet er heel mooi uit en staat je ook goed!
    Vind het marble printje heel mooi! En je zelfgemaakte clutch is gaaf!


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