Preparing my outfits for fall.

It is always nice to find something back hidden in the closet. Like this pink
jacket, I bought it last year and I totaly forgot I had this one! ( tickets where still on it...oops..I only tried this jacket on for the blog once!S
o it felt like it was new! The jacket is made from mohair so it's  very comfy during this rainy and cold season.(byebye outfits without tights,I will miss you) And It's the first time for me this season  to see some color back in my black and white closet.

Wearing: H&M jacket, Monki Dress, Random woolen scarf.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Totally in love with this jacket!!
    Looks perfect for the current weather
    S xx

  2. that coat is gorgeous such a lovely colour xx

  3. I stumbled over you on Instagram and now visiting your blog - I really enjoy your style - very distinct, unique, cool - to put it into other words: spot on. will make sure to follow on Bloglovin' and check back for updates on your blog!


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