Mom Jeans
so today I  found me some time for a blogpost! I know everytime I find myself an excuse! But  lately I am always busy! (welcome Yamilla to the world of grown up and working people!:D)

So today I am wearing Denim!(Something I usualy dont wear) But I have a big crush on momjeans! So my jeanscollection is getting there! I love this one from Zara! It has the perfect fit and colour! Def. my favourite pair at the moment. I am also wearing my new DKNY sneakers! I was crushing on the shoes for a while now! And my mom gave them to me as an early birthday present! yeah!!! So so happy with them! feeling like a spicegirl! I realy love all these items!

As an early 90's baby, I love to see these trends coming back! Flatforms, crop tops, higwaisted jeans, pastels, crazy prints, braids in the hair,snapbacks, even the music is taking it back in time!
what do you think?

Wearing: shoes DKNY, Jeans Zara, Top H&M, Lipstick Chanel (pirate) 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel heel mooi! Vooral je schoenen, wat een top cadeau!

  2. Lovely jeans! En de schoenen zijn ook tof, mooi cadeau!

  3. I love how you can make something simple work so well



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