Nutella Lava cake.

This is the first time I put a recipe on the blog, but I had to share it because who doesn´t love a double dose of chocolate! It's a cake with the texture of a brownie with liquid nutella on the inside. Not very healthy,  but so simple and delicious you have to try it!


200 grams of plain flour
1 sachet baking powder
200 grams Sugar
4 eggs
200 grams butter
cacao powder ( to make it a chocolate cake)
3 table spoons of Nutella

1: Put the  Eggs, and sugar together and mix it together with a spoon. 
2: Put the flour, (melted) butter, and baking powder at the egg and sugar mix.
3: Mix it with a handmixer on medium speed for 4/5 minutes
4: Now put the cacao powder to the cake mix. ( just as many as you like) 
5: After mixing the cacoa powder together with the cake mix add 3 table spoons of Nutella at the cakemix.
6: Mix the nutella and cakemix again for 1 minute with a handmixer.

7: Put the cakemix in a cake form and bake the cake for 60/70 minutes on 160 degrees in the oven.( the liquid nutella will leak! so watch out ! use special baking paper on the inside of the cake form.) 

8: After the cake is baked let it cool down for 15 minutes. 
9: cut a small piece of the cake and try to put it on a plate. (yes the nutella is everywhere)
10: put a strawberry on top and dip it in the Nutella. Enjoy!!

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