Today I am wearing my new skort. A combination between a skirt and a short is a fashion item you see a lot these days. (especially the populair Zara ones.) I love the skort trend and I am wearing a pleated one by Mango. It was only 19,95 in sale. I combinated my skort with a white crispy blouse and my favourite bomberjack by H&M. and again a sporty touch with my Nike free shoes. 

Wearing: bomberjack H&M, Blouse Romwe, Skort Mango, sneakers Nike

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the simplicity of this look
    S xx

  2. Mooie, crispy outfit, vind de sport invloeden erg leuk!
    En verfrissend om eens een keer niet de famous Zara skort te zien!

  3. Love everything, I need some sneakers asap.xx


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