Just took some random photographs from my favourite places and items in my house.Just for fun!

And great news! Saturday i am invited for Fashion Week in Amsterdam! can't wait!

 1: My favourite heels from OASAP.COM
2: Gizmo and Noodles (the crazy cats)
3: My biggest love: the bed!
4: My new pair of docs and cuffs from my last post.
5: My accessory closet.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie foto's! Leuke kamer heb je. Wat lijkt mij dat lekker liggen met zo'n plaid en zulke kussens :).
    En gaaf dat je naar Fashion Week mag!

  2. wow, you keep things so CLEAN. My sister who has mild OCD would love you! I adore your room, especially the fluffy white dreamcatcher!


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